UBO Consultants in UAE

UBO Consultants in UAE

UBO UAE is a firm of leading UBO Consultants in UAE. We provide UBO compliance services to entities – big or small – across the UAE. We ensure that you have suitable regulatory mechanisms in place in your company to abide by the UBO requirements.

Whether it’s the identification of Ultimate Beneficial Owner UAE or handling the documentation for submission, we excel in both services. Our UBO Consultants handle all the queries, doubts, or notifications related to UBO compliance from authorities. Our legal consultants and business advisors make your UBO compliance easier, simpler, and accurate.

We adopt a unique approach to handle UBO compliance procedure and processes for every client of ours. Our UBO Consultants believe in creating a long-term relationship with our clients based on trust and value.

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Why you should consult UBO UAE

You should consult UBO UAE for UBO compliance services because:

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Beneficial owners are the shareholders of an entity. An Ultimate Beneficial Owner is a natural person who owns and controls the legal person. In the case of direct
control, the natural person must hold 25% or more shares or voting rights in the entity directly or through a chain of ownership.

If there is no one having direct ownership, the natural person having indirect control becomes the UBO. Indirect control means having the right to appoint or dismiss the majority of directors or by any other means.

A UBO may also be:

  • A nominee member on whose behalf transactions are conducted
  • In the case of joint ownership/control, all are deemed as joint owners in the ratio of capital
  • In the case of an unidentifiable beneficial owner, the natural person holding the higher management position
The key requirement of UBO regulations is that entities must keep Registers of UBOs and shareholders/partners. This ensures that companies operating in UAE are transparent in their ownership and control. This register gives information about who benefits from the operations of the legal entity.

This is how governments keep a track of ultimate beneficiary owners of companies to monitor any fraud cases. If any entity engages in fraud, it can be directly traced to the owner, who may have to face consequences. Thus, tracking the origins of fraud and financial crime cases becomes easier.

Also, fearing such legal action, entities refrain from engaging in money laundering, financial crimes, and corporate fraud. This leads to a reduction in the possibility of financial crimes and fraud at the corporate level. As a result, it improves the business environment of the country.

The Resolution applies to all licensed entities in UAE except:
  • Entities that are directly or indirectly owned by the Federal government or any Emirates government
  • Entities operating in financial free zones, including Abu Dhabi Global Markets (ADGM) and Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC)